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Large Woven Triangle Bag x Kamaro'an

Large Woven Triangle Bag x Kamaro'an

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Traditional one-thread woven handle with sculptural lines and good capacity. There are two snap buttons hidden under the handle, and the woven leather part can be detached to clean the canvas.

The triangular form is inspired by the eastern coast indigenous bag for carrying rice, that derived from the Japanese colonial period. 

*sized to fit a 13-inch MacAir, or scarf and small coat. A hidden pocket on the outside of the bag's surface is designed to store your phone and transportation card. 

Materials: Italian Veg Tan Leather, Sustainable-Dyed and Custom-Weaved Canvas.
Dimensions: 58x36x14 (cm)

Inspired by Taiwanese indigenous culture, Kamaro'an explores pure craftsmanship through clean design. The name originates from pangcah, it means "the place to live". Pangcah is one of an indigenous ethnic in Taiwan. Each of their products are handwoven in-studio by indigenous craftsmen. 

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